subtle, sensuous , subliminal.
Thought provoking music, without the candy coating
MP3, 128k, 7/2005
Atlanta, GA, USA

It's hard to beleive that anything could be
so addictive.You would think that after 15
years, that I could leave this behind.
Here I am, with that same beat, same
melody in my head. Constantly changing,
morphing, mantra-like and engrossing.

A friend told me once, concerning mixing
tracks together: "You'd better really like
that beat, because you are going to listen
to it a whole lot" Heh! how about a

If this is a drug, I won't ever come down. If
I am sick, then I will never get well. And
that which does not kill us, makes us

I submit to you the sounds of DEEP
TECH. This sound is not merely house,
nor is it breaks, or even drum & bass. It
is all of these things, and less.
Superfically simple, yet fundamentally
complex. Organic, and synthetic. Soulful,

Please enjoy these mixsets, and please
contact me with any comments you may

subterran at (replace the @)

Keep Pushin'
MP3, 192k, 8/2006
Deeptech Soundsystem on
Quality deeptech from the best DJ's
I've ever heard.. 24/7
encoded in AAC+, low BW HIFI,
use Winamp 5.0+ to listen
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